suspension testosterone

Suspension testosterone, lack of carbohydrate food, poisoning, intoxication for liver diseases (hepatitis, dystrophy and atrophy of the liver, including liver failure), hemorrhagic suspension testosterone diathesis; dehydration (vomiting, diarrhea, post-operative period); intoxication; collapse, shock. It is used as a component of various blood-substituting and antishock liquids; for the preparation of drugs solutions for the on / in the introduction.

Dosing and Administration
B / drip in a 5% solution is injected with a maximum speed of up to 7 ml (150 cap) / min (400 ml / h); the maximum daily dose for adults – 2000 ml. 10% solution is administered at a maximum rate of up to 3 ml (60 cap) / min; the maximum daily dose for adults – 1000 ml.
In / jet – 10-50 ml of a 10% solution.
When used for parenteral nutrition in adults with normal metabolism of Suspension testosterone administered daily dose should not exceed 4.6 g / kg / day, ie, .e. about 250-450 g / day (with a decrease in metabolic rate is decreased to a daily dose of 200-300 g), the volume of fluid injected – 30-40 ml / kg / day. Injection speed: under normal maximum metabolic rate of administration to adults – 0.25-0.5 g / kg / h (with a decrease in metabolic rate, the introduction rate is reduced to 0.125-0.25 g / kg / h).
Babies for parenteral nutrition, along with fats and amino acids, administered 6 g Suspension testosterone / kg / day, the first day of the following – to 15 g / kg / day. When calculating the dose when administered Suspension testosterone 5% and 10% solutions have to take into account the allowable amount of fluids: for children weighing 2-10 kg – 100-165 ml / kg / day for children weighing 10-40 kg – 45-100 ml / kg / day. The rate of administration should not exceed 0.75 g / kg / h.
For a more complete uptake of Suspension testosterone administered in large doses administered simultaneously with insulin at the rate of 1 IU insulin per 4.5 g of Suspension testosterone. Diabetics Suspension testosterone administered under the supervision of its content in the blood and urine.

Side effects
of violations of water-electrolyte balance, hyperglycemia, fever, hypervolemia, acute left ventricular failure. Local reactions : the development of infection, thrombophlebitis.

Overdose Symptoms : hyperglycemia, glycosuria, disruption of water and electrolyte balance. Treatment : stop the introduction of the glucose solution, inject insulin; symptomatic therapy.

In combination with other medicinal products need to visually monitor the pharmaceutical compatibility.

Specific guidance
for better uptake of Suspension testosterone administered in large doses administered simultaneously with insulin at the rate of 1 IU insulin per 5.4 g of Suspension testosterone.

Product form
Solution for infusion, 5 mg / mL, 10 mg / ml.
100 ml in a bottle or glass bottles with a capacity of 100 ml.
1 bottle with instruction on use in paper cartons, or 10 vials with the instructions for use in a cardboard box ( packaging for hospitals). how much to inject for weight loss

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